Cambridge Graduate Orchestra

Composer in Association

The Cambridge Graduate Orchestra regularly works with exciting emerging composers and in 2016 established its Composer in Association post.


Rhiannon Randle ( is our composer in association for the current season.

We will give the first performance of her "Chiron: The Teacher of Heroes" on Sunday 18th March 2018.

Past Composers in Association include:


2016/17: David Roche (

First performances of his "Semiquaver City" and "Ozartmay" were given by the orchestra in March 2017.

The CGO is made up of some of the most engaged, inspiring, and wonderful musicians I have ever had the pleasure of working with. The whole process was a rigorous, exhilarating experience and the CGO dedicated a huge amount of time to each of my compositions - this is something that definitely benefited my craft as a composer. The performance itself was absolutely wonderful, the orchestra navigated and interpreted the pieces fantastically. I was deeply proud to have had such an amazing group of people perform something so important to me with such passion.

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